Scott Moore is a photographer from Iuka, Mississippi. He received an AA degree from Northeast Mississippi Community College in 2021. His work has been published in the View From Woodall Magazine. While also having his work exhibited at the Walter Anderson Museum of Art. Scott was awarded the Maude Elizabeth Mullen Pittman Endowed Scholarship of art in the spring of 2023. He is currently living in Cleveland, Mississippi working towards His BFA with an emphasis in photography at Delta State University.
Artist Statement
Creating moments of quiet instances of people interacting with the places that surround and shape them. By using the medium of photography, I ground my work, while fostering meaning, creating a balance of fiction and nonfiction in my work. The aspect of control in photography helps me engage further with my work, and showcase the beauty and complexity of the world around us. Focusing on the banal moments in life to convey deeper personal feelings that hide in the small corners of everyone’s day to day. Capturing the collective journey we all experience throughout life is an important aspect in my work. To do this I contrast feelings of belonging and confusion in the world to show our own complexity. To isolate these feelings in my photos I use negative space to create a sense of intimacy with my subject matter, while also reversing this at times to show confusion surrounding the subject. I like to focus on one thing as the subject, drawing the viewer in, to examine the smaller details and paths that lead towards the subject. Through photography I show the often overlooked journeys of people and their interconnected paths connected by place.
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